First I am going to introduce myself, and might be you guys are not interested, why he is telling us, but after that, I will introduce myself.

Who am I?

Namaste 🙏 everyone, I am Shivam Sharma from India.

I am a Mobile Developer(Android) in Bangalore at Nuclei. Here I…

Most of the apps has multiple screens to show multiple information, for that we create multiple screen.

For showing information to user we create multiple screen like Main Screen, Listing Screen, Product Detail screen, Cart Screen etc.

In flutter, we are creating screen using dart file. That screen called Routes…

Layout is very important part for every app now days as we all know, If UI is not good sometimes it is drawback for app to loose users.

First thing we need to know in Flutter is when we are going to create layout in flutter we are using Widgets…

As all of us know Splash Screen is how much important for app to show or recognition of brand to user.

Splash screen in first screen when user start or load the app show some animation to user and fetch some information from server for perform specific operation on next…

When I start learning Flutter the first things is to know about Widgets.

What is Widgets?

Widgets is nothing in flutter, it is just a view to render in UI part. In flutter each and everything is working on Widgets. Like when we are creating view in Android app using Java and Kotlin…

Most of the programmers and developers heard about this Regex(Regular Expression) as all know. Almost in all programming we use Regex.

First question come in my mind is Why we need this Regex?

So in Android Development when we send data to server we validate that data on client side…

Shivam Sharma

Android Developer @gonuclei

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